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Large Commercial Customers

If your annual usage is less than 5,000,000Kwh then go to Commercial page.

   New this year for our Large Commercial and Industrial businesses. You can put your Utilities up for auction and suppliers compete in a 1 day auction. This is a live event and suppliers will go even lower than with an Energy Broker due to the larger volume, typically 3%-5%. You must have an annual usage of 5,000,000 Kwh or larger to qualify for this auction.

    We have a network of Independent Consultants. Our Independent Consultants work as brokers in the energy sector contracting Commercial Business accounts. And of course we offer FREE NO OBLIGATION QUOTES!!

    Take advantage of the downturn, and review your future energy policies before energy costs start rising again. We can assist you in meeting your energy budget regardless of the volatility in the energy market.  If you fix your price now, while the market is low, you will insulate yourself from the wild fluctuations that are predicted. Now is the time to lock in these low prices.

    How can we help you accomplish this? First, we have multiple energy suppliers bid for your business. Whether it is electric or natural gas, we find you the best price for your needs. We negotiate favorable terms with the supplier to make sure the agreement is right for your business. We then facilitate a contract between you and the supplier.

    We also monitor the relationship with your supplier and advise you of when you need to renew your contract, or re-negotiate a contract. We even provide the support you can count on if there is ever a supply-related issue.

    So donít waste any more time worrying about your budget. Let us show you what we can do for you. 

Getting Started
Note: If you are already under contract, let us know when the expiration date is so we contact you 4 months in advance. If you are there now, get started. We then have 4 months to watch the prices and get you the best possible price. We could find you a lower price months before your contract expires, but not start till your contract is up. Go to our Contact Us page and let us know your contract expiration date.

        Step1.   Complete the Letter of Authorization Form and send it to us along with the most recent copy of your Utility bills for each account. You can  E-mail them back to us. We will begin the bidding process for you the same business day!

     Q. Why should you fill out a LOA (Letter of Authorization)?
In order to receive offers for electricity suppliers, they need to know what your load profile and energy consumption trends are (so they know what they're bidding on). The LOA does NOT commit you to any contract, it is simply an authorization to receive records of your usage history for the past 12 months and energy consumption trends for analysis.

Step2. From this information, we can request pricing from various suppliers.  The initial indicative pricing is then presented to you in a proposal. Sample sales agreements may be included for your review. Your staff may not have the time or expertise to analyze themselves.

Step3. Once you make a purchase decision, a formal sales agreement is executed and forwarded to the energy supplier. Pricing is usually only valid for the duration of the business day. If the Sales Agreement is not executed and presented to the supplier on the day the pricing was issued, new pricing will need to be issued on a future day. This is due to the fluctuations in the stock market.

Step4. Once the sales agreement has been approved by the supplier, the customer is enrolled with the new supplier. The supplier will then countersign the agreement and forward a copy to you.

These are the simplified steps to the energy procurement process. The details are much more involved.
Our Independent Consultants take care of the activity that happens between each of these steps.


    If you have any questions go to our Contact Us page.

Residential Electric
and/or Natural Gas
Commercial Electric
and/or Natural Gas
Energy Brokers
Non Profits
We've checked out the suppliers in your area and recommend a couple of the best options for our customers.

Most of the companies we suggest do not have a contract or cancellation fees.

Residential information page

FREE no obligation quotes

Customized solutions for your business.

Every business should want to save on their Electric and Natural Gas.

Commercial information page

If you would like to work part time or full time, we have a solution for you.

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Energy Broker
Nothing to purchase, Donations to your organization.

Great for churches, schools, cheerleaders, boy scouts, girl scouts, fire houses,  non-profit organizations, company employee's, and many more.....

Non Profit information page

Suppliers that we have partnered with to help you save on your Utility Bills.Centerpoint Energy         Champion Energy         Direct Energy        Gas Mark        GDF Suez         Hess Energy        Hudson        Powermark         Spark Energy

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